2013-01-20 First album trailer online!

We hope you will like it. Enjoy!

2012-11-02 Wolfchant signed with NoiseArt Records and Rock The Nation!

WOLFCHANT - Ink deal with NoiseArt Records and Rock The Nation Booking NoiseArt Records and Rock The Nation are very proud to announce the signing of Pagan Metal warriors WOLFCHANT. WOLFCHANT has established itself in the nationalen and in ternationalen Viking/Pagan Metal szene within the last years and has acquire a big fan base due to their energetic live shows and killer performances. The band will release its highly expected fifth studio album via NoiseArt Records on March 1st 2013.

Comment of the band: "We are very delighted and are looking forward to the cooperation with Noiseart Records / Rock The Nation. We are very proud to have the possibility to release our new album together with such a reliable and professional partner."

Comment of NoiseArt Records: "We are very glad that we have, with WOLFCHANT, catched the next big fish and that we`ve got the chance to extend the NAR roster with another high calibre band. We have big plans with WOLFCHANT and are looking forward to a successful future."

Mario „Lokhi“ Möginger (vocals)
Michael „Nortwin“ Seifert (clean vocals)
Mario „Skaahl“ Liebl (guitar)
Ragnar (guitar)
Sarolv (bass)
Daniel „Norgahd“ Liebl (drums, accordion, keyboard, vocals)
Dieter „Gvern“ Kasberger (keyboard)


2012-07-30 new webpage online!

Finally our new website is available. Enjoy!

2012-07-30 songwriting and recording in progress!

We started writing songs for our upcoming album some time ago. Also we now started to rerecord our first studio album Bloody Tales From Disgraced Lands. Be prepared for new Wolfchant stuff soon!

2012-07-30 new webpage online!

Finally our new website is available. Enjoy!

28.02.2013 Paganfest
Saarbrücken / Garage

01.03.2013 Paganfest
Würzburg / Posthalle

02.03.2013 Paganfest
Essen / Weststadthalle

03.03.2013 Paganfest
Eindhoven / Effenaar

04.03.2013 Paganfest
Stuttgart / LKA Longhorn

05.03.2013 Paganfest
Solothurn / Kofmehl

06.03.2013 Paganfest
Wien / Szene

07.03.2013 Paganfest
Berlin / K17

08.03.2013 Paganfest
Leipzig / Hellraiser

09.03.2013 Paganfest
München / Backstage

10.03.2013 Paganfest
Hamburg / Markthalle